Spirits of Nature

Spirits of Nature

"The Wild Things are somewhat human in appearance, only all brown of skin and barely two feet high.

Neither may any see them even at night unless they were born, as I was, in the hour of dusk, just at the moment when the first star appears."

I wander through the woods and the roads and the plains, and I can’t  help but be inspired. Worlds within worlds appear as you get closer; and even when you think you saw all the detail you could possibly see, if you linger – and smell and listen and feel – something else will show itself to you.

In this gallery I invite you to my own world of fleeting amazements, those you perceive just escaping from the corner of your eye in those places where you might feel like there’s something more, just beneath a veil. I hope my creations and photographs alike might transport you to a special place and bring about that sense of wonder I had in capturing and creating them.

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